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Training Video DVDs    
Our comprehensive training videos come with supplemental tools that reinforce and enhance the learning experience.

Individual Programs
$29.99 each
One DVD + workbook

Company Programs
$199.99 each
One DVD, Leader's Guide, exercises, peer evaluations, printable workbooks, and one location license.

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I've Been Downsized (Laid Off)...What Next?
This enlightening video takes viewers through the lives of four workers who were downsized / laid off, and shows what they did to get their lives and careers back on track. Viewers will learn how to leverage their situation to their advantage and regain employment without losing hope. This video program is an essential tool in a turbulent economic climate to anyone who has been laid off or is in danger of being laid off in the future.


The Interview Preparation Plan
These days, it takes more than just strong skills to land a job. It takes preparation, personality, and perseverance. In this thorough training program, viewers will learn 21st century interviewing techniques, such as how to formulate answers to interview questions ahead of time, dress appropriately, connect on a personal level with interviewers, and much more.


I've Been Fired...What Next?
This training program is helpful to those individuals who have already lost their jobs due to termination, those who wish to avoid being fired, and to companies who wish to train their current employees to prevent terminations. Viewers will learn common reasons for being let go and how to avoid behaviors that could get them into trouble. They will also learn how to deal with being fired while interviewing with employers for a new job.

What are Soft Skills?
Having good soft skills are critical to finding a job and to your success in the workplace. In this extremely competitive job market, it is important to learn and practice soft skills so you can find and keep your job. Communicating clearly, projecting a positive attitude, being organized, and more are all skills that are vital to your career success and are covered in this training DVD.

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